Aggieland Auctions ( has shut down

(But a NEW Online Market will be coming soon!

Sadly after 5 years I must shut down the AggielandAuctions website. In June of this year, the State of Texas passed HB 3038 . This bill states that all auctions no matter the method of competitive bid process that is utilized in the marketing of the sale, or anyone who offers auction services, negotiates a contract or executes an auction contract must have an auctioneers license.

While I initially wanted to make this a business, I have made very little money from this site and for the last 3 years it has been more of a hobby and not a business. Since I do not have an auctioneers license and don't plan to get one, it is best that I change the business model. So a new online market place will be coming soon. Please check back periodically.

Peter Elsner